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French Jacquard Dishtowels


Discover our French Jacquard Dishtowels!

Les Colorades offers you French Jacquard  Dishtowels with colors and patterns of Provence

You will appreciate our range of 100% cotton French Jacquard Dishowels.
Large diversity of patterns and colors, richness and authenticity of the designs for these Dishtowels made of French Jacquard fabrics.

Produced in small series in France, by the oldest manufacturers in Provence, known and renowned worldwide, our Jacquard Dishtowels are products of great tradition, timeless and timeless!
Our French Jacquard Dishtowels are not afraid of intense use.
They can be washed up to 194°F due to their natural dyes which give them a regenerating power in washing, thus giving them an exceptional longevity.
Set of 4 Jacquard Dishtowels 22x31" Yellow Colombe pattern !!! 4th FREE !!!
38.00 €
(-25.00%) 28.50 €
Set of 4 Jacquard Dishtowels 22x31" Red Colombe pattern !!! 4th FREE !!!
38.00 €
(-25.00%) 28.50 €
Set of 4 Jacquard Dishtowels 22x31" Bric Colombe pattern !!! 4th FREE !!!
38.00 €
(-25.00%) 28.50 €