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Provencal Round Cotton Tablecloths


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Attractive and colorful, Provencal Round Cotton Tablecloths

All these beautiful Round Cotton Tablecloth are made with much care in Provence that makes them so exceptional and so precious for you! They will bring you a taste of elegance and everlasting traditions from the South of France. You will be highly satisfied with the exceptional quality of prestigious printed Fabrics that you will not find anywhere else!
Our Round Tablecloths have gorgeous printed borders and may decorate both a large dining table and a small "bistro” tea table.
They are simple and easy going for everyday use and will always find a place in your kitchen, living room or in the garden.
Discover also Square Cotton Tablecloths that we also offer for round tables!
Round Cotton Tablecloth Green "Floral"
(Code: V-NAPPE-180-371-40)
99.00 €
Round Cotton Tablecloth Black "Country"
(Code: V-NAPPE-160-654-11)
79.00 €
Round Cotton Tablecloth White "Country"
(Code: V-NAPPE-180-654-123)
99.00 €
Round Cotton Tablecloth Green "Country"
(Code: V-NAPPE-180-654-44)
99.00 €
Round Cotton Tablecloth Bric "Country"
(Code: V-NAPPE-180-654-77)
99.00 €
Round Cotton Tablecloth Blue "Bastidin"
(Code: V-NAPPE-180-701-143)
99.00 €
Round Cotton Tablecloth Blue "Bees"
(Code: V-NAPPE-180-709-143)
99.00 €
Round Cotton Tablecloth Red "Farandole"
(Code: V-NAPPE-180-716-22)
99.00 €
Round Cotton Tablecloth Blue "Farandole"
(Code: V-NAPPE-180-716-144)
99.00 €