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Provencal Square cotton Tablecloths


Discover our Square, 100% cotton Tablecloths.

Our Square Cotton Tablecloths, the symbol of prestige and centuries-old traditions

Our selection of Provencal Square Cotton Tablecloths represents the best collections of the Most Famous French Provencal Brands with an established strong reputation for the quality of their printed fabrics. They keep alive the authentic patterns, called "Indiennes of Provence”, which festively celebrate a union of love between the Oriental art and the Provencal design.
Timeless and Fashionable, Provencal Square tablecloths.
They look gorgeous also on the round tables due to a large matching or contrasting sewed border that makes a very attractive and captivating effect all around.
Provencal Square Cotton Tablecloth Plain Blanc 39" x 39
(Code: V-NAPCS-658-9-sg-1010)
39.00 €
(-51.28%) 19.00 €
Square French Jacquard Red Tablecloth "Colombes
(Code: V-NAPCJA-COLOMBE-30-1717)
99.00 €