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Provencal quilted Table Runners

Provencal quilted Table Runners made of Provence quilted fabric


What a pleasure to use this table runners with matching placemats.

They are wonderful cotton quilts with a beautiful printed design.

Provencal table runners, for tables of all sizes.

Quilted Table Runners, finished in 100% cotton, printed with reactive dyes.

French Table Runner Blue "Batiste" 18x59
(Code: E-CHEMI-4515-738-90)
59.00 €
Table Runner Emerald "Calissons" 18x59
(Code: E-CHEMI-4515-490-40)
59.00 €
Table Runner Grenadine "Calissons" 18x59
(Code: E-CHEMI-4515-490-70)
59.00 €
Quilted Table Runner White "Country" 18x59
(Code: E-CHEMI-654-121-4515)
59.00 €
Table Runner Anthracite "Colombes" 18x59
(Code: E-CHEMI-706-15-4515)
59.00 €
French Table Runner Red "Colombes" 18x59
(Code: E-CHEMI-706-70-4515)
59.00 €
French Table Runner Blue "Colombe" 18x40
(Code: E-CHEMI-706-90-4510)
54.00 €
Table Runner Ecru "Colombes" 18x40
(Code: E-CHEMI-706-121-4510)
54.00 €