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Provencal Breadbaskets

Provencal Breadbaskets an exellent add to your Provencal table

With our lovely Provencal Breadbaskets, you will complete the harmony of your Provencal table.

The colors and patterns are in perfect harmony with the other articles of Provence Table Linen.

In the same range: Provencal Tablecloths, Provencal Tablemats.
Provencal Breadbasket Blue Colombes
(Code: E-PANIERE-706-90)
15.00 €
Provencal Breadbasket Beige Batiste
(Code: E-PANIERE-738-25)
15.00 €
Provencal Breadbasket Blue Batiste
(Code: E-PANIERE-738-90)
15.00 €