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French Jacquard Tablecloths


Discover our French Jacquard tablecloths: Square Jacquard tablecloths, Rectangular Jacquard tablecloths

Les Colorades offers you the iconic French Jacquard tablecloths!

The main prestigious designs of Valdrôme available in Jacquard, a perfect combination of tradition and elegance.
You will find here Square and Rectangular Tablecloths French Jacquard Tablecloths in the shimmering colors of Provence.
Renowned quality, for these Jacquard of great tradition made of 100% cotton fabric. Jacquard products of great tradition, timeless and timeless!
Set of Square French Jacquard Bric Tablecloth "Colombes" and 4 napkins
(Code: V-NACJLO-COLO-2-1717)
129.00 €
(-15.50%) 109.00 €
Set of Square French Jacquard Red Tablecloth "Colombes" and 4 napkins
(Code: V-NACLO-COLO-30-1717)
129.00 €
(-11.63%) 114.00 €
Set of Square French Jacquard Beige Tablecloth "Country" and 4 napkins
(Code: V-NACLO-FLEU-25-1717)
129.00 €
(-11.63%) 114.00 €
Set of a Rectangle 69x118" Jacquard Red Tablecloth "Colombes" and 8 napkins
(Code: V-NARLO-COLO-30-1730)
219.00 €
(-13.70%) 189.00 €