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French Provencal Fabrics by the yard

Our selection of French Provencal Fabrics by the yard

French fabrics by the yard: you only buy what you need!

We are pleased to provide the most prestigious collection of French Provencal Fabrics by the yard.

The traditional French country fabrics made by Valdrôme, a trademark created in 1770 in Valence, one of the leaders in Provence. Valdrôme prides itself in keeping alive the Indian Tradition, with exclusive high quality pure mercerized cotton percales.

The basic colors used to print these wonderful French Provencal cotton fabrics are the red which comes from madder, the blue from the indigo plant and the yellow from various plants’ sap, all water resistant and natural reactive color dyes. Reactive Dyes are more permanent than most any other type, prevent fading and won’t bleed on the rest of your laundry, even with the whites! We therefore recommend machine HOT wash from 60° to 90° C (above 140° F) for the heat enforces the colors.

To help you choose the Provencal Fabric that best corresponds to your expectations, we encourage you to use filters on the left-hand side of the page. Thus, you can filter by width (size), by color or by pattern. For example, should you look for a mauve floral fabric, all you need to do is ticking the corresponding boxes. 

Now make your choice in our gorgeous collections of the traditional French Provencal Fabrics.

Bring an excellent decorative touch into your home.

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