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French Jacquard Tablecloths

French Jacquard Tablecloths, the symbol of prestige and centuries-old traditions

Our collection of French Jacquard Tablecloths is made by one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the South of France.
You’ll be highly satisfied with 100% pure woven cotton and quality natural water resistant reactive color dyes that prevent fading and won’t bleed on the rest of your laundry, even with the whites! Washable at a high temperature (above 140°F), our French Jacquard Tablecloths have a high resistance to staining and a very longlifetime!

Elegant and fashionable, Jacquard Tablecloths look absolutely gorgeous and will delight your family and guests!

Enjoy the beautiful jacquard print and bring sunshine and warm colours of Provence into your home!

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