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Provencal Square Tablecloth Plain light blue 67x 67"

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The most prestigious traditional Provencal Square Cotton Tablecloth 67" x 67" Plain light blue.

"Basilic” is a magnificent collection of the most prestigious traditional Provencal Square Cotton Tablecloths made by Valdrôme factory, created in 1770 in Valence, one of the leaders in Provence, specialized in French table linens, fashion accessories and French country fabric.

Valdrôme uses only high quality tools, pure mercerized cotton percale, wool serge and natural water resistant reactive color dyes: red comes from the madder, blue from the indigo plant, yellow from various plants’ sap. Reactive Dyes are more permanent than most any other type, prevent fading and won’t bleed on the rest of your laundry, even with the light blues!

"Basilic” square tablecloth is washable at a high temperature (above 140 degrees Fahrenheit), has a high resistance to staining, needs no ironing and will last for years and years!

Elegant and glorious, "Basilic” Plain light blue square Cotton Tablecloth is available in small and large sizes, convenient for the round tables and will bring an excellent decorative touch to your home.

Other patterns and colors available

Features Square Cotton Tablecloth Plain light blue:

* Size: 67 x 67 inches
* 100% pure mercerized cotton
* Hot wash from 140°F to 194°F
* Avoid tumble dryer
* Easy ironing
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